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Crisis and conflict are inevitable in capitalist economies Essay

‘Marx accepted that free enterprise was damned, and he built up a complex investigation of the ‘ law of motion’ of industrialist society to demonstrate it’ (Fusfeld 2002, p 50). At one level his contention had an ethical premise. He contended that the ‘inherent shameful acts of free enterprise lead at last to social and financial conditions, which can't be maintained’ (Fusfeld 2002, p 50). On another level his contention is sociological: ‘class struggle between a diminishing number of progressively affluent business people and a developing and progressively hopeless common laborers will lead at last to a social revolution’ (Fusfeld 2002, p 50). To finish up his Final contention is monetary, that ‘the aggregation of capital in private hands makes conceivable financial bounty; yet collection likewise prompts miseries, incessant joblessness and the monetary breakdown of capitalism’ (Fusfeld 2002, p 50). At each level the possibility of ‘conflict is stressed: clash between perfect reality, among capital and work, and between stagnation’ (Fusfeld 2002, p 50). Out of contention comes change, and in this regard as per Marx, free enterprise must offer route to another general public in which strife is supplanted by moral, social, and monetary concordance. Moreover, Marx contended that the emergency would become further and serious longer as free enterprise created. Understudy no. Z3220293 Anyway Marx’s investigation of contention inside industrialist social orders was restricted by his hypothesis of the ‘laws of motion’. He contended that contention between classes made by an inconsistent dispersion of riches, and would at last lead to an unreasonable social circumstance provoking the destruction of the world industrialist framework. In this way, he saw class struggle as the lethal blemish of free enterprise. Anyway his depreciators would contend that contention of some structure exists in every single human collaboration and hence has existed in all political and monetary frameworks, reasoning that free enterprise tends to this characteristically human clash so as to stay away from emergency. In an entrepreneur society as indicated by Marx, the two incredible financial interests are those of an industrialist and laborer. These two classes stand resistance to one another, since the entrepreneur can flourish just if the specialist is abused. In this regard private enterprise is just the most recent in arrangement of social associations where one class exists to the detriment of another, expressed in the socialist pronouncement. Marxists would additionally contend that people groups commanded strategically or financially by extraordinary industrialist countries currently bear the weight of misuse, neediness and joblessness Anyway as a proof of Marx’s mistakes, his depreciators point to the rising expectations for everyday comforts of present day countries. ‘The common laborers has not been exposed to developing hopelessness, and worker's organizations have increased financial and political force in all major industrialized countries’ (Fusfeld 2002, p 50). Additionally, the average workers Understudy no. Z3220293 has shared the expanded riches, salary, and monetary advantages that have been spread broadly all through every single social class. Regardless of all the ‘concessions’ that have been made to the regular workers, for example, social government assistance enactment, association and higher expectations for everyday comforts Marxists battle that the ‘basic imperfections of private enterprise remain, keeping down financial development and delaying the rise of the bounteous society’ (Fusfeld 2002, p 50). In any case Marx’s expectation of the triumph of communism and the formation of equitable, libertarian, and nonexplotive society has not demonstrated exact. ‘Capitalism was set on edge by the ascent of socialist systems in Russia and China, and by the spread of communism through a large number of the less-created countries’ (Fusfeld 2002, p 60). Be that as it may, in many occurrences, these non-entrepreneur economies created dictator political systems, new types of financial and social imbalance, and new parts of abuse. Eventually Marx contended, as Fusfeld states ( 2002) the economy could accomplish across the board wealth and produce enough for all, and by then in mankind's history all individuals could be totally free, both strategically and financially. Further increasingly Marxist financial aspects recommended that free enterprise couldn't accomplish this Understudy no. Z3220293 objective, as it forestalled the full improvement of present day innovation and brought about intermittent stoppage of capital collection. In any case, it is clear that under private enterprise innovation has prospered. All the more so free enterprise has given the push to new beneficial businesses, as it is a kept on developing and change. In this way such an economy offers more open doors then a stale one. For instance China is the assembling center of the globe. Despite the fact that China has its underlying foundations in socialism it is still viewed as an incredibly persuasive entrepreneur society. Its urban communities are blasting. There are more structure cranes in china than in all the United States. China’s super-interstates are loaded up with present day vehicles. Its innovative work places are best in class. At the rate it’s developing, China will before long be the biggest economy on the planet. In these regards it is clear to reason that under free enterprise economies have developed and profited, because of its gainful nature. Further more, in a Marx viewpoint, work under free enterprise is misused as it isn't paid the full estimation of the items and administrations it produces. ‘The entrepreneur utilizes laborers at the current pay rate and works them for however many hours every day as could be allowed, ensuring that the estimation of the workers’ yield is more noteworthy than the pay paid’ (Fusfeld 2002, p 61). This contrast between the pay and the worth included by the specialist, which Marx alludes to as ‘ surplus value’, turns into the entrepreneur benefit. Misuse of the specialist can be increased, and the ‘ overflow Understudy no. Z3220293 esteem appropriated by the industrialist can be expanded, by an employer’s endeavors to accomplish lower compensation, longer hours and a work of more noteworthy number of ladies and kids. Marx was right in certain regards, for instance creating nations at present are encountering high paces of abuse. Ladies and youngsters whom work in such exploitive situations in china for instance for less then a couple of dollars daily are reality in Marx’s hypothesis. All the more along these lines, Marx investigate of free enterprise incorporated a figure of its inescapable separate. In certain occurrences private enterprise has filled in as an unsteady society, which has been choked with struggle and emergency. For instance the incredible wretchedness and the 1987 downturn. In the two occasions the economy had if not nearly hit base. In a Marxist view this could be closed as the end of private enterprise. Anyway his spoilers would contend that contention of some structure exists in all political and monetary frameworks, inferring that free enterprise tends to this intrinsically human clash so as to evade emergency. Which in certain regards is valid. For instance on dark Monday of the October 1987 when a stock breakdown of uncommon size trimmed twenty-five percent off the Dow Jones modern normal. The breakdown, bigger than that of 1929, was dealt with well by the economy and the securities exchange started to rapidly recuperate. All the more so during the incredible gloom certain systems were received to manage the emergency. The ‘ new deal’ was the name given by President Franklin D. Roosevelt of projects between 1933-1938 with the objective alleviation, recuperation and change of the United States Understudy no. Z3220293 economy during the extraordinary sorrow. The ‘ new deal’ had three parts, direct help, monetary recuperation and money related change. In these regards one can watch the recuperation of industrialist economies and their capacity to keep on developing. To finish up it is obvious that emergency and struggle is inescapable in private enterprise anyway such a financial framework can adjust and recoup from such clash. References understudy no. Z322093 Campbell, D 1996, the disappointment of Marxism-the idea of reversal in Marx’s investigate, Dartmouth Press, London Cohen, G A 1978, Karl Marx hypothesis of history, Oxford University Press, London Culter, A, Hindess, B, Hirst, P and Hussain, A 1977, marx’s ‘capital’ and private enterprise today, Routledge &Kegan Paul Ltd, London Fusfeld, D 2002, the age of the market analyst, 9edn, Addison Wesley Press, Harman, C 1995, how Marxism works, 5edn, Bookmarks Press, Sydney. Worsley, P 2002, Marx and Marxism, updated edn, Routledge Press, London

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Proportion Paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Extent Paper - Essay Example for an extent, test size required for an extent, certainty interim for the distinction of two extent, examination of an extent with conjectured extent, and correlation of two extents will be talked about. Focal Limit Theorem (CLT) for a Proportion express that â€Å"As test size builds, the dissemination of the example extent p = x/n moves toward a typical conveyance with mean Ï€ and standard deviation.† The measurement p = x/n is accepted typically appropriated when the example is huge. A traditionalist general guideline that typicality might be expected at whatever point nï€ â‰ ¥ 10 and n(1 âˆ' Ï€) ≠¥ 10. This standard requires an extremely enormous example size to expect typicality when Ï€ contrasts significantly from 0.50 (Doane and Seward 2007). Utilizing the Central Limit Theorem, the likelihood that an example extent will fall inside a given interim can be expressed. The certainty interim for a populace extent, Ï€ at a given certainty level (1 †Î ±) is given by The estimation of z can be gotten utilizing ordinary table (Z table) or utilizing Excel work NORMINV(ÃŽ ±/2). The width of the certainty interim for a populace extent, Ï€ relies upon the example size, certainty level (1 †Î ±), and the example extent p. The gauge of contrast and standard deviation of two-populace extent can be given by and , separately. Utilizing this gauge, a certainty interim for the distinction of two populace extents, (Ï€1âˆ' Ï€2), is given by For typical inspecting circulation, the test measurement for the theory test will be z score. This test measurement is contrasted and basic estimation of z score at the chose degree of noteworthiness, ÃŽ ± for holding or dismissing invalid speculation (H0). The test measurement for a populace extent with speculated extent Ï€0 is the distinction between the example extent p and the theorized extent Ï€0 partitioned by the evaluated standard mistake of the extent (indicated ÏÆ'p) as given beneath The suppositions of examination

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Writing An Argumentative Essay About Big Media Topics

Writing An Argumentative Essay About Big Media TopicsHave you ever written an argumentative essay about big media topics? Perhaps you were a reporter or editor at one of the many media outlets? I will bet you were trying to find out why a story was covered, and what the bias was.The people who write those arguments about topics like these are usually trying to answer that same question in their argumentative essay. Maybe that's why they wrote such well-reasoned essays that are so informative.I'll bet you've written many essays in this category in which you've tried to explain why someone's story had gone viral. And, you probably explained to them why it was covered. But when it was all over, you probably realized that the media coverage was not related to the topic or purpose of the story you wrote.As you can see, it is very difficult to write an argumentative essay about big media topics. There are too many factors to take into consideration, and the focus on facts can be completely overlooked. It is the human nature to 'believe' what we want to believe, and there is no way to change that.In that same vein, writing an argumentative essay about big media topics is challenging because the audience you are writing for wants the information to come from your own biases and judgments. They don't want the subject to be anything other than a fact. They just want to hear you say something true and factual.If you really want to impress a big media outlet with your argumentative essay, you must somehow find ways to inject your personal bias and opinion into the piece. You must know how to present your side as the only credible viewpoint. You must play the role of thebig voice for the voiceless.As you go through the process of writing your argumentative essay about big media topics, remember that the most important thing is to deliver what you say in a concise way that fits the topic and purpose of the essay. Don't get bogged down with minutia and details. Take the appro ach of a real person, not a big voice for the voiceless.For example, if you are writing an essay on the controversies surrounding the New York Times' handling of the Charlie Sheen sex scandal, the best way to write your argumentative essay about big media topics is to play the role of a reporter, telling it like it is without using terms like 'allegations,' 'alleged,' or 'revelations.' Just simply state the facts. The subject will soon accept that fact.

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An Ethical Glance At Human Euthanasia - 3061 Words

An Ethical Glance at Human Euthanasia In recent history not many topics have stirred up as strong or divided opinions as that of Human Euthanasia. This is partly due to the fact that our medical technology is far superior then even just a few decades ago. Modern day human beings, especially Americans, have the benefit of living far longer lives than our predecessors. People with terminal illnesses formerly doomed immediately are able to live for longer periods of time, the elderly receive better care and are able to be kept alive longer then they would be able to survive naturally, and people who would normally perish while in comas or a persistent vegetative state are able to be kept alive through the technology we have all come to marvel at and appreciate. While the new technologies and breakthroughs in medical care are of course a testament to the hard work and diligence of brilliant minds they have spawned questions that are as perplexing as the aforementioned technology is amazi ng. I intend to discuss some of these questions here and although I am not a scholar in this field and my opinions are humble I ask only that you respect them for what they are. When looking at an issue such as Human Euthanasia it is important to understand some of the basic terminology used by news and media outlets as well as experts in the field who are on either side fighting for or against euthanasia. One of the major arguments bases around bio or medical ethics. According to Wikipedia,Show MoreRelatedFor Euthanasia Persuasive Essay1663 Words   |  7 Pagespain and suffering. Euthanasia is a word that most people avoid because it is very controversial. But why? Euthanasia is a way of ending the prolonging of suffering, while leaving life in peace. Euthanasia is derived from the Greeks where Eu means good and Thanatos means death. When these phrases are combined the word euthanasia is created; meaning â€Å"good death† (6.) There are three types of euthanasia alth ough only two are authentic forms. The first type is active euthanasia. It is described asRead MoreDeath Is An Issue That Everyone Contemplates At Some Point1086 Words   |  5 Pageseveryone contemplates at some point in their lives. For many, the topic conjures feelings of fear and worry and reminds them of their mortality. Furthermore, the issue of death brings up a multitude of ethical questions. What is death? Is it ever permissible to kill one s self or another human being? What constitutes a good life? And perhaps chief among them: Is death always bad? Thinkers of all stripes have struggled with this question and attempted to provide answers. Two people who have exploredRead More Argument in Favor of Euthanasia Essay2098 Words   |  9 PagesDebate about the morality and legality of voluntary euthanasia has been a phenomenon since the second half of the 20th century. The ancient Greeks and Romans did not believe that life needed to be preserved at any cost and were tolera nt of suicide in cases where no relief could be offered to the dying or when a person no longer cared for their life (Young). In the 4th century BC, the Hippocratic Oath was written by Hippocrates, the father of medicine. One part of the Oath states, â€Å"I will not giveRead MoreEuthanasia And Assisted Suicide And Euthanasia1811 Words   |  8 Pagescountless topics of debate comes the question of legalizing euthanasia and assisted suicide. Debates and courts have raged on with this impending question. Naturally, those for it stand on the question, â€Å"is it not right to offer someone a peaceful death?† No one wishes to pass away painfully and no one wants a love one to die horrifically either, therefore it is easy to agree on mercy. Even so, it does not change the fact that euthanasia and assisted suicide, whether done by good efforts or not, isRead More Euthanasia in Australia Essay2597 Words   |  11 Pageswe hear the phrase voluntary euthanasia people generally thi nk of one of two things: the active termination of life at the patients or the Nazi extermination program of murder. Many people have beliefs about whether euthanasia is right or wrong, often without being able to define it clearly. Some people take an extreme view, while many fall somewhere between the two camps. The derivation means gentle and easy death coming from the Greek words, eu - thanatos. Euthanasia was formerly called quot;mercyRead MorePosition Paper- Palliative vs Curative Care1310 Words   |  6 Pagesdirected towards seeking a cure for an existing disease or medical condition. Through technology and medicine it prolongs life. Paul Jewell’s (2005) article on the sanctity of life states that this notion of the sanctity of life is promoted as an ethical standard, a conduct to professional practice and legislated constraints. His article further suggests that medical practitioners are expected to work in ways that correspond to common social expectations and lega l restrictions. Thus, signifying thatRead MoreThe Legalization of Physician-Assisted Suicide Essay2393 Words   |  10 Pagesconstant pain due to illness, most people feel that it is the humane thing to do. This type of humane treatment for animals has been taking place for years. It cannot be understood that society would let a human life suffer for years. Is the life of animal more important than that of a human-being? No one should be forced to live if they no longer want to. A person who is terminally ill in a hospital setting or is disabled should be able to exercise this option despite their mental or physicalRead MoreReaction to My Sisters Keeper Movie5317 Words   |  22 PagesTimes bestselling author Jodi Picoult is widely acclaimed for her keen insights into the hearts and minds of real people. Now she tells the emotionally riveting story of a family torn apart by conflicting needs and a passionate love that triumphs over human weakness. Anna is not sick, but she migh t as well be. By age thirteen, she has undergone countless surgeries, transfusions, and shots so that her older sister, Kate, can somehow fight the leukemia that has plagued her since childhood. The product of

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How to Form and Use Possessive Adjectives

Possessive adjectives are used to show ownership of an item or an idea. Possessive adjectives are very similar to possessive pronouns and the two are often confused. Take a look at these examples of possessive adjectives immediately followed by possessive pronouns used in a similar sense. Possessive Adjective Examples My dog is very friendly.Her book is red.Our house is painted yellow. Possessive Pronouns Examples That friendly dog is mine.The red book is hers.That yellow house is ours. If you are unsure focus on the placement of possessive adjectives which are placed directly before the noun they modify. Possessive Adjectives Usage Possessive adjectives are used when the reference to which person or thing is understood. For example: Jack lives on this street. His house is over there. The possessive adjective his refers to Jack because of the context. Remember that possessive adjectives come in front of the noun they modify. Here is a list of possessive adjectives: I - my carYou - your dogHe - his boatShe - her familyIt - its fabric(NOT its!)We - our classYou - your jobsThey - their toys Examples: I took my daughter to the movies.Where is your house?I picked up his book yesterday.Thats her car over there.Its color is red!Our company is doing very well.Your bicycles are located in the basement.Their toys are in the closet. Possessive Adjective Checklist Possessive adjectives are used in place of proper names Place adjectives directly before the noun they modifyPossessive adjectives are very similar in usage to possessive pronouns Possessive adjectives are used when the context is clear who is in possession of an objectNote the similarity in form between possessive adjectives and pronouns Use these resources for more detailed information on other possessive forms: Possessive Nouns - For example, Johns house, the bicycles color, etc. Possessive Pronouns - For example, that is mine, this is hers, etc. This general guide to possessive forms quickly compares all three types of possessive forms.

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Special Education - 836 Words

Early Childhood Education Early childhood education is traditionally defined as any education-taking place before the primary grades of first through third grades in elementary school. It encompasses all education from birth to first grade, but usually the term is used to refer to the more formalized nursery or preschool environments and kindergartens. These classroom environments have different emphases from developmental to academic. The most appropriate type of educational structure for children this age focuses on their individual level of development and their individual interests; therefore, most academic classrooms are inappropriate because of their emphasis on seatwork and teacher directed learning. The best available curriculum†¦show more content†¦In this process, children build their own way of learning. From children s errors, teachers can obtain insights into the child s view of the world and can tell where guidance is needed. They can provide appropriate materi als, ask encouraging questions, and allow the child to construct his own knowledge. Piaget s continued interactions with young children became part of his life-long research. After reading about a child who thought that the sun and moon followed him wherever he went, Piaget wanted to find out if all young children had a similar belief. He found that many did indeed believe this. Piaget went on to explore children s countless why questions, such as, Why is the sun round?†, or Why is grass green? He concluded that children do not think like adults. Their thought processes have their own distinct order and special logic. Children are not empty vessels to be filled with knowledge (as traditional pedagogical theory had it). They are active builders of knowledge-little scientists who construct their own theories of the world. An old Chinese proverb states: Tell me and I forget. Show me and I remember. Involve me and I understand. In three short statements, this proverb represents my outlook on education. Over-all my philosophy could be described as eclectic; nonetheless, the main emphasis I plan to make stems from progressivism. I also plan to incorporate behaviorism into my teachings and I will maintain anShow MoreRelatedSpecial Needs For Special Education1028 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction/Purpose Fitzgerald, Ryan Fitzgerald (2015) reported that it has been an increase of children identified with special education needs in different countries in Europe. One of the explanation for this influx is the definition of special needs recently changed, which caused more children to fall under that category. Since more children qualify for special education, professionals and parents need training and guidance on meeting the needs of those students. In Ireland, there is a challengeRead MoreEducational Education And Special Education1556 Words   |  7 Pagesover or coddled by general education teachers; teachers without the proper training, no less, expected to properly instruct these students with intellectual disabilities. Kids that are always expected too much of or doubted indefinitely. These are the children that don’t belong in a general education classroom. While mainstreaming, the act of blending general education and special education classes, can possess benefits for both general education and special education pupils, it should not be implementedRead MoreEssay special education11975 Words   |  48 Pagescan cause hip dislocation and deformed bone growth.   No treatment may be currently available to lessen Davids impairment. Disability:    Davids inability to walk is a disability.   His level of disability can be improved with physical therapy and special equipment.   For example, if he learns to use a walker, with braces, his level of disability will improve considerably. Handicap:    Davids cerebral palsy is handicapping to the extent that it prevents him from fulfilling a normal role at home, inRead MoreHistorical Background Of Special Education Essay1605 Words   |  7 Pages2011 according to the National Center for Education Statistics 13 percent of the total number of enrollment in the public school were receiving federally supported special education programs†. (National Center for Education Statistics) The goal of special education is for all students with or without a disability to be educated in the least restrictive environment. It is the common belief that special needs students should be placed in the general education classroom with their non-disabled peersRead MoreSpecial Education And The Benefits Of Technology1639 Words   |  7 PagesSpecial Education and the Benefits of Technology in the Classroom Special Education is a type of instruction designed to help disabled and gifted children use their full learning abilities. Many special needs children work in regular classrooms for most of the school day. These students also work with specially trained teachers for part of each school day. These teachers work with helping them to overcome their disabilities. These sessions are usually held in a classroom called a resource roomRead MoreIntegrating Special Education Children596 Words   |  2 PagesDisadvantages of Integrating Special Education Children in Regular Classrooms Few topics have as much controversy as inclusion of children with special needs in regular classrooms. Few professionals question the appropriateness of inclusion of students with disabilities in regular classes. However, significant debate about which students should form part of the general education classes and the time they should spend in those classes persists. This has led to two groups, one for, and the other againstRead MoreSpecial Education Philosophy Paper2449 Words   |  10 PagesDescribe own special educational philosophy in terms of its metaphysics, epistemology, axiology, and logic. My Philosophy of Special Education is that special education is teaching children who have special needs, which can interfere with their learning abilities. I believe special education compared to general education is merely an extension of services in helping all children learn. Learning is a process through which we increase our knowledge as a result of the experiences in our lives. WeRead MoreThe Pros And Cons Of Inclusion For Special Education Essay1626 Words   |  7 Pagesthis paper I am going to be talking about the pros and cons of inclusion for Special Education children. By definition, Inclusion rejects the use of special schools or classrooms to separate students with disabilities from students without disabilities. Special Education is a topic that is important, even though people may not realize how important it is for the fact that they don’t understand what goes into Special Education for children in schools. â€Å"Negative beliefs many people have about individualsRead MoreGeneral Education And Special Education930 Words   |  4 PagesCo-Teaching Expectations Division of Labor General education and special education teacher are require to work together as a team to ensure the students in the inclusive classroom setting is learning with the accurate accommodation and tools to fit their needs. The general education and special education teacher work together to create a lesson plan to which it targets all areas of learning for all students in the inclusive classroom setting. Both teachers should sit together to discuss their concernsRead MoreSpecial Education Reflection1329 Words   |  6 PagesRunning Head: REFLECTION PAPER Reflection Paper En Tseh Wang Lehigh University Special Education 332 (Education and Inclusion of Individuals with Special Needs) has been enlightening for me as a secondary mathematics educator. In the beginning of the semester, my feelings towards special education were those of apathy and insensitivity. I now understand that my feelings were due to my lack of knowledge and my judgment based on stereotypes. I always knew that making fun of students

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Celebrity free essay sample

When looking into the world that is Hollywood and more importantly the people that constitute this world, celebrities, one question has to be answered first. What exactly is a celebrity? This is becoming an increasingly difficult question to answer and a question that can be answered in many forms, and dispersing angles. Celebrities in today’s media world can simply be the boyfriend of a hot model, or the relative of the girl who is dating NFL sub-par running back Reggie Bush (Kardashian Sisters). You understand the point. It does not take much to be a celebrity in today’s society. With social networking sites like Twitter, Myspace, Youtube, and Facebook peoples route to a celebrity like status can be reached very easily, and does not always constitute productivity or talent. Yes, people have used these new channels as a way to showcase talent, like stars such as Colbie Collait, who have used Myspace as a springboard into record deals. Her website even claims her to be the â€Å"first true myspace. com discovery†(Caillat). But on the ladder side of that success take a look at Brian Collins, who has gathered over 4 million hits on Youtube for his famous debacle of a local Indiana sports broadcast (Boom Goes the Dynamite 2006). Is it not a far stretch to consider him a celebrity too? Yet he is not in a traditional celebrity form that is indeed ‘celebrated’. For the contents of this paper trying to establish reasons for celebrities over arching power in today’s capitalistic world, it is going to take a deeper look into what a celebrity actually is. This paper is focused on celebrities who have used their power to dive into different careers, and become global icons. Celebrities who gain and demand the constant attention of the media are certainly people who we celebrate. These types of media age icons of whom we continue to call celebrities are people who transcend their niche markets and are known to the global widespread audience. Using the music industry as an example, the band Death Cab for Cutie, a personal favorite, is a popular alternative indie-producing band. Death Cab for Cutie is popular within its genre, and niche audience, but not to well known outside of that small bubble. Than examining someone like Kanye West who dubbed himself the next ‘king of pop’ who is originally a rapper, or what he would consider ‘preacher’ has done so much for music, and has pursued other career agenda’s that have transcended him outside of the rap niche and is known by all citizens with any media intelligence. This is the true subject related focus for the paper. How have these megastars been able to travel across different markets not only in their original niche industry but across others such clothing lines, TV shows, product advertising, political agenda’s etc? The answer lays within us the consumer, and the new age media models. We as consumers give them the ability to have this power along with the increasing amounts of media attention celebrities are receiving. Particularly thinking about the easier way it is to garnish attention in today’s audience networking-centered world. It seems as though celebrities have remained the stagnate powerhouses of the drastically changing landscape, but how have they done it? To understand these questions, and to provide answers it is key to establish the power that celebrities have on society and their ability transcend and integrate across media platforms, through their influence and power. Secondly to portray how the use of that power has been taken advantage to create this brand that is Celebrity. It is certain that celebrities have large influence in the complicated media landscape. Today you cannot spend 15 seconds of the day without some sort of advertisement pushed down your throat. In fact 20% of all advertisements placed on TV in 2006-featured celebrities (Story). This percentage is undeniably growing. Certain advertisements are featuring celebrities in new venues, such as the commercial sponsor for a product. For example, Ashton Kutcher’s series of commercials for COOLPIX, or music icon Sean Diddy Comes sponsoring his own vodka brand, Ciroc vodka. This is the new trend in celebrity marketing, and is definitely gaining them exposure, more importantly capital. These types advertisements sit aside from the natural movie trailers, or random products that are commercialized with megastars who seemingly now dominate the commercialized world. Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning featured in a series of commercials for selling High Definition Televisions for Sony. Not only are celebrities everywhere on your television sets, but they also have power in the political landscape as well. â€Å"Celebrities—people who are’’ as Daniel Boorstin put it, â€Å"well known for their well-known ness†Ã¢â‚¬â€are more celebrated than ever† (Robinson). Once they rise to national or global renown, whatever the reason, their fame becomes a kind of capital that can be converted into money or political influence (Robinson). We experience the acts that Bono has done, putting African support on the map, or Angelina Jolie’s UNHCR pushing improvements for the Worlds Child Refugee’s (Dalia). Not to mention the large amounts of celebrities who are pushing global climate change, and other global issue campaigns that we learn about through television, film, and advertisements. In this same article the author notes another strong point when talking about the ability of a powerhouse celebrity to create a section of the public who can share common interests, and experiences through simply by being invested in the similar subjects (Robinson). It can be said that today’s celebrities are a constant bond in today’s diversifying Internet aged world. They are the shared experience in a communication world that is becoming increasingly individualized. We can go through many different mediums to watch TV, but we cannot change who is promoting it, or starring in it. With cable, film, and basically all communication networks promoting to the niche audiences, it is the celebrity that is the common mold transcending above our niche interests. There faces are everywhere you look. Furthermore all it takes for Celebrities these days to reach their audiences on a more personal level is social networking cites like Twitter, or Facebook. The number of celebrity twitter accounts is large, and creates massive followers. Athletes twitter messages have even been the topic of Sportscenter conversation. This is another way for celebrities to market themselves to larger audiences; more proof to say that there appeal has never been stronger. Celebrities are well aware of the power they possess. They globalize themselves, and soak up all the attention they can receive to market themselves and create their own brands. Brands that can push political agenda’s, endorse products, market clothing lines, and promote own individual work, the possibilities are endless. It’s always been known that celebrities have had huge impact on the fashion industry. Whether its Sean Diddy Comes producing clothing lines, Michael Jordan promoting his shoes, or Paris Hilton promoting her handbags, its always been an interest, but they are becoming ever so powerful. By an article labeled STAR POWER the editor of GQ was quoted that celebrities directly affect fashion in a big way, claiming, â€Å"From a designers standpoint, celebrities validate trends†(Cotton Incorporated). Even more straight forward â€Å"Celebrities are our new designers,† said Irenka Jacobean, editor-in-chief of Accessories Magazine â€Å"The Red Carpet is our new runway† (Cotton Incorporated). The Hip-Hop community clothing lines have left their own stamp on celebrity brands. Rappers such as Eminem, JAY-Z, Sean Combs, and Snoop Dogg all have their own original clothing lines (Nellis). Clothing outlets like Macy’s have had half their clothing outlet be those brands (Towle). So now rappers have power over retail clothing stores, how does this make sense? When researching into any advertisement-affected market, which we all know is almost everyone; the celebrity affects every single facet of the market in some way. They are entering into every communication media platform and becoming the face of advertising. In a Hollywoodreporter. com magazine article the author notes that the line between person and brand is blurring. Celebrities have employed corporate techniques in their ability to mass market, and have been able to protect a brand, and individual identity, marketing and licensing products (Towle). This is all because in the current media landscape they have the most commonality, the most shared experiences that we experience in the media world is through the celebrity identity, that is than consumed by the consumers in an ongoing cycle. Oprah Winfrey is a prime example, she made an estimate of 275 million dollars last year (Forbes). Her show has garnished worldwide attention for years, and whether she is promoting a book, or backing a political candidate, her voice is heard, and her power is overwhelming. She was rated the second most powerful celebrity in the world by Forbes magazine only behind the possibly the world’s most famous women these days, Angelina Jolie. Who is also pushing her own brand as exampled earlier in the paper, not to mention her box-office success? Her latest thriller Wanted in which she starred gathered 35 million dollars in its first weekend in box office revenue (Administrator, box office). Surprise No? She has also been recognized on more than one occasion by the Academy, and been pushing political agenda’s with effectiveness for years, as noted earlier. It’s obvious that celebrities have been able to build power and furthermore build on their power. Taking advantage of every opportunity they receive. These people are the faces of our national media, and the focused icons of our time. Oprah Winfrey, Angelina Jolie, Kanye West, Lebron James, Brad Pitt, Sean Combs are all icons within the public sphere in which anything they say, or do does not go undocumented. The opposite end of undocumented, news about these figures is nationally recognized, and celebrated. Through the increasing amounts of brands that have become the celebrity, this putting on of a public face, can also be detrimental to their image if not treated carefully. While the media is watching your every move, making sure your public image is always being â€Å"celebrated† and not getting in trouble with the law, or acting out of line in public is ever so important to keeping the brand successful. Though he was able to bounce back, Kobe Bryant a world-renowned basketball player lost plenty of endorsements and money after he had been accused of rape in Denver, Colorado. He lost commercial time and was dropped from many endorsements including McDonalds, and Nutella an Italian hazelnut spread (Duncan). Though all the coverage these icons receive, every facet of their lives becomes important in maintaining mass appeal. The true powerhouse megastars have been able to keep their strong, influential public images along with intuitive self-promoting advances to create their brands. It is the brand that is celebrity that has been created through these powerhouse megastars who have been dominating the advertisement world. They have been able integrate across multiple media platforms, and control industries through the power that we give them as consumers, and the large amounts of media attention they receive. All the meanwhile capitalizing on the dramatically changing Internet aged world by remaining a solid constant in which people can relate with. Individual Statement I think through this group research project I did what was asked of me. I was on-time to every meeting, and not only that but I feel I was talkative and expressive about the direction of our paper’s and shared all my idea’s and opinions. Secondly I volunteered to put together our original project plan that was submitted for approval. So I also did something that was outside of the meeting process. In the meetings I obliged by all the rules we had as a team. And lastly I had my paper, and works cited page, and every other deadline that was instilled, I met and had accomplished the goal.